We are working closely with our school leaders to determine the best course of action for each school. Please check back for updates and information.

Harvest Pioneer School (Canceled)

Iris Global Schools (HT3)

Location: Footprints in Johannesburg, South Africa
Dates: Jun 1 – Jul 31, 2020
Cost: US $3,200 + $300 registration fee

Covering room and board, local transportation, and a diet of basic African cuisine The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and due within 10 days after receiving your acceptance letter.

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Applications closed.

Who Can Apply: This school is for those seriously considering giving their lives away on the mission field. We don’t expect students to have a location or ministry in mind when coming; however if there is uncertainty about wanting to live a radical life on the field, we recommend you first take part in one of our other schools.

A School for Future Missionaries!

We are excited to be able to offer an intensive training for those wanting to work with Iris Global on the mission field. Students will be living in community and growing together during 2 months of intense practical and theoretical training. All students will be part of a weekly local outreach in which they will be learning the language and helping establish ongoing ministry. In the classes for Harvest Pioneer School, Iris Global leaders and staff will be teaching on systematic theology, pioneer missions, transcultural ministry, language learning, and leadership.

This School seeks to equip those who have decided to lay down their lives, to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness. We ask that all potential base leaders and pioneers pray about participating in this training before they set out to start new Iris locations. The school is open to all applications, but because of its intensity and content we prefer that you first attend an Iris Global missions school or training program.

Based on the promise that Jesus will be preached to all nations of the earth (Matt 24:14) and that the laborers are few (Luke 10:12) we are praying and believing that God will raise up those who will go and proclaim the Gospel in the darkest and most unreached parts of society and the world. We believe that Iris Global is called to help train and send missionaries into the field. This school is the intentional and practical way to fulfill this mandate.

For more information or if you have questions regarding the school, contact herbertb@irisglobal.org.

You are invited to come!

With much love in Jesus,

Rolland & Heidi Baker

Attention Mission School Alumni: For Staff

If you have graduated from one of our mission schools and are interested in applying for a staff position at Harvest Pioneer School, please start an online staff application.