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Fortaleza, Brazil

Iris Global Schools (FT8)

Location: Fortaleza, Brazil
Dates: Mar 14 – May 20, 2022
Cost: US $2,800 + $200 registration fee

Students can arrive March 12th - 13th. After the School, students must leave by May 22nd if not staying for an optional extended outreach. Tuition includes housing, meals, and 10 day outreach fee. Students will also be expected to join a 10 day outreach *during* the school in the interior of northeastern Brazil. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and due within 10 days after receiving your acceptance letter.

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Brasileiros, por favor visitem https://irisbrasil.org/escolas/escola-de-missoes-amor-sobrenatural-sacrificio-radical/. Estudantes também participação de um prático de 10 dias durante a escola que será no inteiro no nordeste do Brasil.

Iris Global Mission School: Fortaleza - Immersion

A bilingual school in Portuguese and English. The ultimate goal of the school is for the students to encounter God, fall more in Love with him, and grow in obedience to His Word.

This will be a school of immersion into God’s presence and immersion into the missions field. During the school you will live on our base and become part of our missions community. You will have classes and ministry times during the week but also a great emphasis will be given to applying and living out what you learn in the classroom, on the streets and in red light zone, slums and sertão.

This school will be very practical as we don’t just want to give you information and teach you about missions but we want to train and equip you, so you will be ready for the mission field.

We want to train you, as Jesus trained his disciples, not only in a classroom but on the streets, so you can learn how to make disciples, love the lost, heal the sick, cast out demons and proclaim the Kingdom of God in words. actions and signs and wonders, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Confucius said,

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

We believe it is as you do, you learn the most. So on this school you will learn it and then live it and as you live it, you will learn it!

The Key Pillars of the School

  • We are created for relationship and intimacy with God. Because of what Jesus did on the cross we can experience intimacy with the Father through the Holy Spirit.
  • Holiness, loving God and becoming one with Him is our highest goal.
  • All fruit comes from a place of intimacy. We want to raise up "lovers" and not just "workers" for the harvest field .
  • Everything flows from our identity and who we are. It's not what we do that forms our identity. It is our identity that determines what we do.
  • Our identity comes from our intimacy with our creator God. As we discover who He is, we start to hear who he says we are and who he created us to be.
  • When we live out our identity as loved children of God, it changes everything and when we walk in our royal identity we become world changers.
  • We don’t work to get approval, value and worth, we have them because we are children of God. Our work for him comes from that place of gratitude, acceptance and security and not in an attempt to strive to get significance.
  • No matter your race, gender or social background we are created with one common thread or need. We are wired for connection, for belonging.
  • We are not called to be solitary sons and daughters but were created to function as a family. It is as we live in community and walk in ongoing discipleship, grow in character and honor one another that we best manifest the Kingdom of God.
  • It is by our love for one another that the world will know that Jesus was sent from God.
  • Each one of us have an amazing destiny that God has created us for.
  • When we discover the specific calling and purpose for which God has put us on this earth, we become alive.
  • We need to celebrate our distinct personalities, giftings and callings but also realize that it is only when we work together as one body, we will be able to achieve the dreams and destiny God has over our lives.

Required Reading

It is mandatory to read ALL of the books listed below. You will be required to write a report on four of the books, chosen randomly during the school. We recommend that you read as many of the books as possible before the school begins.

  • Why Revival Tarries – Leonard Ravenhill
  • God Plus One – Andrew Fanstone
  • Compelled By Love – Heidi Baker
  • The Heavenly Man – Brother Yun
  • The Fire of Delayed Answers – Bob Sorge
  • Unto Death – Missions, and The Maturity of The Church – Dalton Thomas
  • Culture of Honor – Danny Silk
  • Crazy Love – Francis Chan
  • Like A Mighty Wind – Mel Tari
  • The New Testament (If you haven’t read it before)

Biographies: (Choose 1)

  • William Carey
  • Samuel Morris by Lindley Baldwin
  • George Muller
  • C.T Studd
  • Amy Carmichael
  • Is That Really You God? Hearing the Voice of God – Loren Cunningham with Janice Rogers

Recommended Reading:

  • Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudam
  • Church History – Bruce L. Shelley
  • Keep Your Love On – Danny Silk

Questions about registration or payments can be sent by email to escolafortaleza@irisbrasil.org

For more information you can visit https://irisbrasil.org/localidades/fortaleza/

You are invited to come!

With much love in Jesus,

Rolland & Heidi Baker

Alumni Testimonies

“The Mission School is a lot about love, character and an awakening for what God is doing and has been waiting for us, as children and laborers, to do. We learned more about the heart of Jesus, how it teaches and invites us to live like Him. If I had expectations before, they were surpassed and now I can say I am living my calling in God’s time and in His will.” — Milton Felicio, Brazil

“I came to the Iris Fortaleza School with no plans for the future and no idea what to do besides surrender to Jesus. This school gave me the chance to dream with Jesus and equipped me to learn how to hear the Father’s voice for my life.” — Stephany Menezes, USA

“Completing the Iris Fortaleza Mission School was taking a leap of faith to live an adventure with Jesus, knowing him more intimately, walking in the supernatural and understanding that He is sufficient.” — Marieli Flexa, Brazil

“During the Iris Fortaleza School, we learned the importance of knowing ourselves, learning to love our neighbor, and how the manifestations of God’s love can be tangible. ‘Love always looks like something’. We witnessed miracles not only physically but also through food and financial multiplication. For me, the school opened the way to become a full time missionary. My calling is to take the love of Christ to the prostitutes, the children, the drug addicts and the sick. I took a step of faith and am living what God called me to live today.” — Fernanda Santiago, Brazil

“The Iris Fortaleza School was transformative, a time and place where I could go deeper with Jesus and understand what He called me for.” — Daniela Anoêmio, Brazil

“Going to Iris Fortaleza School has allowed me to meet God in a deeper way, to experience His presence as never before and to understand His heart for us and for others.” — Ketty, France

“The school transformed my life in a way that until today I am harvesting the fruits from that occasion. God clearly stated our calling as missionaries.” — Lucas e Sara Baptista, Thailand

“My time at IRIS Fortaleza school has opened my eyes to see His “simple love.” Because of God’s love I have been strengthen in my identity in Christ. My heart for the poor has increased greatly. And the relationships I made while there have brought me closer to see the heart of The Father.” — Justin Hamilton, USA

“I came to the Iris Fortaleza school to learn how to do missions. But God taught me how to be a good daughter to Him. Missions was just a result of this revelation.” — Crystal Thompson, India

“We went to the mission school and wasn’t really sure what to expect as we were the first family with a child at the school. We did our best to be part of everything and shared on going to class. The other one would listen to the teaching on recording. As you can understand it was some intense weeks, but more then intense it was amazing. We still often talk about how the school has effected us and what an incredible season of our life’s it was in the school. All of us loved it including our son. The leaders and teachers are really anointed people who will sow into your life! Best of all, it’s a place where the Holy Spirit is 100% welcome and that changes everything. If you're in love with Jesus and burn for mission this is a good place to be equipped!” — Andreas & Ada, Norway

“For me the Iris Fortaleza school was great place to grow in intimacy with Jesus, learn about the power and authority He has given me and finding out the calling he has placed on my life. The best place to grow spiritually is in the presence of God, surrounded by other passionate believers.” — Manuel Moldenhauer, Germany

“The Iris Fortaleza school changed my life. Three months of going deep in the presence of God and learning to put Him above all else, no matter the cost. I learnt to pursue Him with all my heart and was equipped to take bold steps of faith into the calling that He has on my life.” — Abi Moldenhauer, United Kingdom