The Father's House

Iris Global Schools (FH13)

Applications open until May 1, 2023

Location Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa
Date May 15 – Jun 12, 2023
Cost US $2700 + $300 registration fee
The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and due within 10 days after receiving your acceptance letter.

Note: To provide the very best, world-class investment and care, each school is limited to the first 25 accepted applicants.

** Vaccinations are not required for The Father’s School or entering South Africa.

Come and Join!

We invite you to join the Iris Global Discipleship and Missions School called “The Father’s House” that was created to “train up the Pauls and Peters of today, raised up to cause trouble around the earth” [as prophesied by David Wagner Feb. 2013].

Father, I can hear the song You’re singing over me
It’s saying it’s Your desire for Your children to be free!
You look my way, my heart must say:
It's so good to be home, where my Father loves me so
It's so good to be home here with You!
(Written by Jean Du Rand, 2016)


Come and participate in our Father’s House Discipleship School based on the principles of Isaiah 61.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners…” ~Isaiah 61:1

Come home to the Father’s house and away with Jesus in a vibrant, active yet nurturing family environment full of adventure on a working farm at the foot of the majestic Langeberg Mountains near a town called Robertson in the Western Cape, South Africa. We have a calling to equip and train anointed and Bible-based disciple-makers and missionaries, fearless and passionate laid-down lovers, fully Spirit-empowered and grounded in their identity in Christ, and released in their God-given calling to impact the world by believing for the multitudes and stopping for the one!

This will be an exciting time to come away with Jesus, the Saviour and Lover of your soul, in a beautiful piece of Nature to have mountain top experiences with the Father, dig deep into the Word, hear His voice, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, grow in personal development and deep relationships, receive anointed teaching and impartation, be part of a spiritual family, discover you gifts and calling, learn about the elements of faith, missions and disciple-making, and apply it practically by reaching out and ministering to the communities around us.

Some words that best describe the atmosphere that we have created on our farm and for this school are: Family, Identity, Adventure, Freedom, Scripture and Nature, Fellowship, Fullness, Presence, Intimacy, Deep Connections, Revelation, Discernment, Destiny and Calling, Worship and Intercession, Receiving and Pouring out His Love to others.


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Attention Mission School Alumni: For Staff

If you have graduated from one of our Father's House or Harvest Schools and are interested in applying for a staff position at Iris Global Western Cape The Father's House – Robertson, South Africa, please start an online staff application. If you have questions please contact Marié Fourie,

We are delighted that you are considering serving with us in Robertson, South Africa! We will look forward to hearing from you.

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You are invited to come!

With much love in Jesus,
Johan & Marié Fourie
The Father’s House Team

Testimonies From Alumni

“Slowing down, making enough space for God to talk to me and for me to actually share with Him my thoughts and feelings inside. My awareness of God in my life is now so powerful! It is freeing to be able to connect with Him wherever I’m at!”

— Faith, Scotland

“This school facilitated deepened Bible reading and encountering the Holy Spirit as Teacher/Revealer of God’s Word. The outreaches taught me to be fearless and bold in sharing the Gospel with people and pouring out His love to them. It also taught me to be childlike and creative again.”

— Rachel, Canada

“For me it was a time apart in Daddy’s house, with an extraordinary family! It was a privilege to be able to set a time apart to experience such depth in relationship with God and with others. It was a time to cocoon with God!”

— Laurence, Switzerland

“The Father’s House has helped me to realign myself back to God. I was given the opportunity to serve and learn in many aspects, worship, prophecy, art, and ministry. The different teachings shed light a new perspective about my Christian faith in a way that is really beneficial. It brought me to a deeper level of intimacy with prayer, the Holy Spirit and my identity. I am so glad to have been able to give 2 months to allow Him to realign me at the Father’s House School.”

— David, Singapore

“I came to the school quite broken, but God has used it to get my focus on Him again, and get away from the distractions and things fighting for my time. I received emotional healing and clarity about the future and His plan for me. He spoke to me about my identity, and taught me the importance of seeking the Lord with the Holy Spirit, of meditating on Scripture, and wrestling through it with God, instead of simply studying it and listening to the teachings of others. The school reminded me to behold God and to make decisions from a place of intimacy with Him!”

— Surina, South Africa

“It was a wonderful time to be away with Ben, and have time to connect and actually process aspects of our faith together. We could grapple with teaching , pray together, grow together and seek God together for His plans for us. I have loved been part of the Kloof Ministry and seeing the joy on the children’s faces every time, and reminded me that God is truly doing work – with or without us there – but it is always an honour to be used by Him!”

— Beth, UK

“This school was a big life-experience! I learnt so much about God as a loving Father and His perspective of family and about my place in family. I now have more foundation in my faith and God helped me to fall in love with His Word, enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Also going into the village and meeting the loving people and children of South Africa, and seeing their needs, gave me a bigger heart for this place, and opened my eyes for the big harvest that God wants to bring in. It is surely a life-changing and encouraging place that has eternal worth!”

— Karen, The Netherlands

“This school was a hidden place deep in the mountains to pour into the Word, be saturated with prayer, and be refreshed in Christ – it was a river a-flowing of newness in the barrenness of my heart. I could be me, and be reminded that I am a Daughter of God. It is a place of authenticity, hidden in the mountains and hidden in His heart!”

— Marcelina, USA

“This school really helped me to get back on track; turning back to my first love and returning to the first works. I now feel more passionate being called as a missionary, and I feel I can do so much more. The school really meant a lot to me.”

— Florina, South Africa

“This time has been by far the best experience in my life! I have been healed of so much pain and hurt from the past and have grown in patience, community living and how to function in the Body. This place has been chosen by God to mould the next generation of leaders in the Kingdom for ministry, missions and evangelism.”

— Russell, Scotland

“I feel so fulfilled by the school, because it truly was beautiful with such a well-rounded balance of worship, Spirit-led teaching, pastoring, outreach, adventures, deep relationships, relaxation and family fun. There has been such a wealth of teaching and sharing, exhortation and activations, that I am so grateful to God for allowing me to do the school and giving me strength and grace to participate in all the aspects.”

— Pippa, UK

“The love, the fellowship, the worship and teaching at the Father’s House will forever enrich my future ministry, for all eternity. If you want to experience the living heart of God, this is the place you want to be!”

— Susan, USA