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Renew World Outreach creates reliable solar powered audio and visual presentation equipment for missions. These portable tools allow you to share the JESUS Film, audio Bibles, and other Gospel media in the most remote places with no access to electricity.

Did you know that there are over 6 billion cell phones worldwide? Most of them can play audio and video! Even those living in extremely remote areas often have cell phones. This is a huge opportunity to spread the audio Bible and Gospel movies virally. Check out their Mobile Ministry page to learn about spreading audio Bibles virally on cell phones!

By collecting older, used feature phones that have a micro SD card slot, and by loading them with Gospel media, you create a low/no cost format for remote outreach that has the potential for both viral and sustainable mobile ministry!

Here’s why and how that works: In remote areas and oral cultures where there is little or no internet connectivity, people use cell phones not just to connect, but also to share files directly from phone to phone. They share pictures, music, and videos. If we can get these older feature phones loaded with audio bible files and Gospel media in their heart language into the hands of indigenous pastors, we give them the power to spread the Gospel media via Bluetooth without limit. The best part is since it is a phone to phone connection, they don't even need cell phone service to do it.

Resource Contacts

Renew World Outreach: Learn about their solar powered audio and visual presentation equipment for missions

Faith Comes by Hearing: Download the “Bible.is” app for audio Bibles to use in mobile ministry.

Jesus Film Media: Download the Jesus film and other Gospel Media in more than 1,100 languages and dialects.

I-TEC: Other resources available for missionaries working in remote places. Founded by Steve Saint (From “End of the Spear”)

Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd: Toyota Motor Corporation’s official supplier of 4x4 Ex-stock Toyota vehicles and spare parts to Aid & Humanitarian agencies working in rapid relief, emergency and development projects worldwide.

The Ruby: A Re-entry Survival Story

By Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne and her family live in an orphanage in Mozambique, serving with Iris Global. They face a difficult decision: to stay or to return to the UK. This is the story of their last months…

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