Iris Global School: The Father’s House – Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa


We want to invite you to join the Iris Global Discipleship and Missions School called “The Father’s House” that was created to “train up the Pauls and Peters of today, raised up to cause trouble around the earth” [as prophesied by David Wagner Feb. 2013].

In a vibrant, active yet nurturing family environment full of adventure on a working farm at the foot of the majestic Langeberg Mountains near a town called Robertson in the Western Cape, South Africa, we want to equip and train anointed disciple-makers and missionaries, transparent saints with oversized hearts, fearless and passionate laid-down lovers, fully empowered and grounded in their identity in Christ, and released in their God-given calling to impact the world by believing for the multitudes and stopping for the one!

Location: Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa
Date: March 5, 2018 - April 23, 2018
Cost: US $2,700 tuition (covering room and board, local transportation, and a diet of basic South-African cuisine) + $300 (non-refundable and non-transferable) registration fee (due within 10 days AFTER receiving your acceptance letter.) = US $3,000 in total
10-day Outreach: US $700 (optional outreach, April 24, 2018 – May 4, 2018)
Applications will be open November 6th, 2017 - March 1st, 2018.

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Come and participate in our Father’s House Discipleship School based on the principles of Isaiah 61.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners…” ~Isaiah 61:1

Attending Harvest School is not a prerequisite for this school.

Please apply if:

  • You are hungry for more of Jesus
  • You want to have an exciting, vibrant relationship with God’s Word
  • You have the desire to be a disciple-maker
  • You have a heart for missions
  • You want to be part of a loving family and Body of Christ
  • You want to step into and fulfill your Godly calling
  • You want to be a carrier of His love and power to the people of South Africa

This will be a wonderful time to come away with Jesus in a beautiful piece of Nature, have mountain top experiences, dig deep into the Word, grow in personal development, hear and learn from dynamic local and international speakers and missionaries who have been impacting the world, be part of a spiritual family, learn about the elements of disciple-making, and apply it during practical ministry opportunities every day.

We have tailored this school in such a way to facilitate an interactive, discussion-oriented teaching environment. Some of the subjects we will be focusing on are:

  • Elements of disciple-making
  • Your spiritual authority and identity as sons & daughters
  • Foundational principles of the faith
  • Living in the fullness of Christ
  • Controversial issues of the Bible
  • Self-discovery & how you have been tailored to function within the Body of Christ
  • Principles and guidelines of dreams & prophecy
  • Symbolism, Shadows & Types in Scripture
  • Entering into His Rest
  • Tending people’s hearts
  • Ministering and sharing the Gospel with boldness and authority


Some words that best describe the atmosphere that we have created on our farm and for this school are: Sense of Family, Adventure, Freedom, Scripture and Nature, Fellowship, Fullness, Deep connections, Intimacy.

About the Western Cape

We strongly believe the Lord is breaking forth from the Cape Area as part of spreading His light and hope throughout all of Africa and the world. If you are interested in seeing some of what we have done over the past 15 years, check out


We will be offering an optional 10 day extended outreach in South Africa following the school through our Adventures with Jesus program. It will be a time of ministry, evangelizing, adventure, fun and family. The final details will be decided on by the team during the school. Air travel will not be involved.

You are invited to come!
With much love in Jesus,
Johan and Marié Fourie


--Students: The maximum number of students that will be accepted for this school is 25. We have tailored this school to be for a small, intimate group in order to facilitate an interactive, discussion oriented teaching environment. It is also our intention that given a smaller group of people, the teachers and staff will be able to invest in a deeper, more personal way with each student.

--Schedule: We will have classes, activities and practical missions throughout the week and weekend while at the same time leaving ample space throughout the week to enjoy the mountains, nature and surrounding communities.

--Living Arrangements: You will be living in close community, created to nurture a sense of family. Housing will be in dorm-style housing with bathrooms available. Meals will be provided, prepared and served family-style.

--Questions: Contact Marié at

FH8: Oct 2, 2017 until Nov 20, 2017
FH8 Full: Online applications closed

FH7 has been revolutionary! In hindsight, my relationship with God was legalistic and I subconsciously thought He didn’t have time for me. He has been doing a slow but deep work in me concerning my opinion of myself and His love for me, which has transformed my walk with Him. He is my Daddy now!

I can’t wait to go back and take my fresh perspective of God’s love into my family, workplace and community. My time at the Father’s House will be forever imprinted on my heart – I’ll never be the same again, Praise the LORD! Alesha, UK

My time here has meant a ton! There has been much learning and much healing. Being part of the Father’s House helped me realize that I have something to share and helped me in my confidence in sharing about my Saviour and Lord. Duncan, USA

I love this school and it has been the most significant turning point in my walk. I wish I would have learned all I have here, years ago. I will never be the same again! I am so thankful for the family aspect and learning my true identity. It was the beginning of my destiny into missions and has made me way more passionate about missions. The Father’s House school has truly been life-changing and exactly what I needed, and so special. I am so very thankful! Sarah, USA

It was really an impacting time. During this time my relationship with the Lord grew a lot – I am more sensitive to His voice and when I read my Bible now, He reveals His Word to me in a way I have never experienced before. Stefanie, Switzerland

There are 2 questions that you can spend a lifetime answering: Do you know how much God loves you? Did you learn how to love well? This is in a nutshell what the school endeavours to answer or at least create an environment for these questions to be answered. Being at the Father’s House has reignited in me intimacy to the Father’s heart – a place of rest and complete acceptance. At the same time I discovered my calling and understood how my Creator designed me to fulfil that. I am so thankful for His love – it is indeed better that life! Give thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever! Genevieve, Singapore

The culture of honour, love and transparency set the tone and tangible Kingdom mindset in the school. The culture immersed us into thinking and behaving as we truly are in Christ – sons and daughters, His Bride, His Body etc. It challenged and required us to deal with old mindsets, lies and issues that war against this reality, rather than ignore, brood or excuse them.

The leaders were wholeheartedly united in the vision, values and culture of the school at all times, with each other and with us as students. This created a firm foundation which we could build and develop from. Your often coined phrase ‘when you disciple others….’ really emphasized who we were in Christ and the commission we have. You demonstrated and taught discipleship making and empowered us to step out and bear fruit.

This Body ministry broke down religious and hierarchical mindsets, which are so prevalent and paralyzing in the Body. It empowered us as students to step out in our identity in Christ and use the gifts God has given us for the ministry He has called us for in the mysterious way He designed.

Thank you for the incredible, life transforming, equipping time you provide at the Father’s House school. Lynley, New Zealand

The Father’s House school made a huge difference and it restored my trust in God, as well to believe in a Christian family again. I loved being here – I never thought that God could restore my heart and faith in such a way, just to feel completely loved and understood again – It meant everything to me! Victoria, Moldova

The Father’s House school brought me back to God, set me free from a lot of chains, and taught me about His grace and love, and that Christian life can be exciting and fun. I prophesied for the first time in my life and also got drunk in the Spirit for the first time. I feel alive again and passionate to share the Gospel. Molly, Singapore

I feel the school has increased my faith – both through hearing the Word (faith comes through hearing) and through actual experiences of God’s power, during our missions, work and practical missions. I loved the township evangelism – it really built up my confidence and gave me ideas about how to approach evangelism in a whole range of situations. The Father’s House gave me an opportunity to live like the Bible says we should: in close community, sharing our talents to bring Heaven to earth, sharing our dreams and spurring each other on, sharing our love for God and worshipping as one. Helen, Australia

It changed me a lot! I feel like I am a stronger person now – I know better who I am in Christ and how to rest in Him. I understand the simple Gospel better and am more passionate and encouraged to share that with other people. Jessy, The Netherlands

This is a place where people will never leave unchanged. It is a place where the Lord has special favour and delight! If you are hungry for more of Jesus, this is a place where there is a concentration of it; and you WILL be filled! I recommend any Christian who wants to revive their first Love, to book yourself ASAP to Father’s House, Robertson, South Africa! Abi, South Africa