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Iris Africa Malawi is located in a town called Bangula in the Nsanje District which is the most southern district in Malawi. Bangula is a three hour drive south on the M1 from the commercial city of Blantyre. Bangula is a town made up of approximately 10 villages. The road to Bangula can be very challenging especially during the rainy season and must be driven with extreme care in a 4x4 vehicle. Southern Malawi experiences regular crop failure due to extreme high temperatures, sporadic rains, and at times seasonal flooding due to rain run off from higher elevations. Food insecurity is a constant issue among the people of the Nsanje District. Most people are subsistence farmers and live off less than a dollar a day. Malaria is prevalent year round. The language spoken is Chichewa.


Iris Africa began in Malawi in 1999 through missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker who visited villages of southern Malawi and began to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. People’s hearts were ignited by their teachings and many hundreds began a new life in a relationship with Jesus Christ. During this time the church was awakened by the powerful work of the Holy Spirit who brought freedom through deliverances, an impartation of physical healings, and spiritual gifts upon the multitudes of rural poor. David & Joanna Morrison along with their three children arrived in Malawi in 2003 and continue to give leadership to this growing ministry.

Ministry Base Summary

Mission Statement: Extending God’s Kingdom by feeding the poor, caring for the widow and being a father to the fatherless.

Main Objective: To love the poor and the orphaned as Jesus calls us to do.