A Very Important person kind of Day

Written by Tracey Williams

April 2017 included a very special day for the wider Zimpeto family - a visit from the First Lady of Mozambique, Isaura Nyusi. As you can imagine, the news was met with great excitement, some head shaking and from that moment on, a lot of preparation!! Gardens were raked and swept, fences repaired, dorms swept and cleaned in every nook and cranny even some creative decorating was noted! Several of the children were involved in preparing dance and musical numbers, the school choir rehearsed their socks off and even the pre-schoolers memorized songs and poems to the best of their ability.
A huge entourage of security personnel came to "prepare the way" and then... the day was upon us.
In slightly unexpected fashion, the First Lady arrived promptly at 11AM . A small group of girls welcomed her with traditional dancing and she was then taken on a short tour of the Zimpeto base, culminating with a church service, speech and presentation.
Two of our 8th grade students presented her with a small gift on behalf of Iris Ministries and in return received a gift of school materials.

The entourage accompanying the visit "grew like Topsy" and by the time it was the hour to serve lunch, the ministry was host to 200+ people - with a count of 25 cars in the convoy! A lot of work for a very special day that many of the children and staff will remember for a very long time.

Then it got me thinking .... Every day is a "Very Important Day" in our lives as we each welcome the presence of THE VIP of all! How do we prepare to meet Him, how do we feel when we see or even sense His presence? Do we wait for Him with fear and anxiety, or ready to sing and dance to the best of our ability - give Him our all.

Our VIP visitor came and went. Her comments and kind words of appreciation meant a lot, especially to our Leadership team and those who had worked tirelessly for the occasion.

Our VIP is constant. always with us, always ready to speak words of kindness, encouragement and love.
Are you ready?