Finally our first post and with a lot of excitement and joy!

Written by Marcus Liotta
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A warm welcome from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Finally our first post and with a lot of excitement and joy!

God is doing amazing stuff around here and we are definitely learning how to trust in the Lord. It has been a crazy journey but we are running with Him and enjoying all the new adventures.

So, this last weekend was a blessing. We heavenly received a donation of 80 tickets for a children's play in a fancy mall theater here in Rio de Janeiro! We got really excited with this opportunity, just imagining how happy the kids would be and also us been able to see their beautiful faces having the possibility of meeting different places of their realities, a different world.

We didn't have a lot of time to set everything up, because the confirmation of the tickets was just 2 days before, so we had to trust in our Papa to make things happen and we know how He spoils us and how He is the most interested in making His sons and daughters smile, and He did it! We received a blessed donation from family and friends that was able to afford everything we needed: the bus, the snacks and also the dinner that we planned for the adults after the kid's tour.

On saturday we went to the dump in the morning and started to knock door by door, we had to pick 65 kids from our ministry! Thank God not all the kids were there that morning so the exact amount of kids we needed were there! Everyone at the bus (and sharing some cars), 15 people from our team, lets hit the road!

The kids were overflowing with joy, you could see it in their eyes, nothing could give us more pleasure than those smiles, when we saw them it was all worth it!

After the children's play another demonstration of love and care from our Papa. We were passing through the hallway of the mall with the kids when 3 men surprisingly stopped us and gave USD300 to buy McDonald's snacks for the kids, we couldn't believe. God is building our faith, we still didn't have the faith of the size of a mustard seed, but He teaches us how to trust, how to love, how to live in the supernatural.

We got back to the dump at night and started to serve a very lovely made dinner for the adults. While the guitar was being played, building a heavenly atmosphere for them, we were seated in a circle in a beautiful moment of communion—we could share a little bit of God's heart and had a blast moment! God provided everything and even more than we were expecting, we had a moment that we weren't ever gonna forget. It's all about making relationships and showing His supernatural love that comes just from Jesus. He had blown the breath of life in us and we have to spread this in this place of oppression and hurt people. That's what we are called for, that is why we are there, at the dump that not coincidentally is called Garden, we understand that we are still planting the seeds, and with everything that's is already happening we get even more excited for the time of harvest that is coming. Last weekend love looked like communion!