Children's Day

Written by Marcus Liotta
+ 23 26 28

Blessings, blessings, blessings, that’s all we can say. God is blessing us in all the ways, we are overwhelmed!

In Brazil, we celebrate the children's day on October 12th and of course we wished to celebrate with a party at the dump. We didn't had a lot to spend but we couldn't let this day pass in blank. So we started planning the event, when suddenly some brothers from a close church contacted us to help with everything. Once more, God is working with our faith, he provided even more than we expected.
On the event day, we had an army of lovers there, a lot of people helping, loving and being touched by our amazing Papa. It was beautiful to see everyone getting early at the dump in the morning, happy to serve God and we were all fulfilled by his love throughout the day. Love looked like being served by our brothers.

In the poor soccer field in front of our base was assembled a playground structure with many more things such a theater play, snacks, make up, haircut, face painting, sculpture with balloons, doctors, medicine distribution and of course gifts.

This by far was the best spiritual environment that we ever tasted in an event. Everything worked out perfectly. All the children were so graceful and polite. Even in the smaller detail, everything went so well.

During the day we noticed that we didn’t had enough gifts for all the kids that were there, suddenly a lady that we never saw before, showed up at our base and said that she brought 150 gifts to donate for us, she dropped everything there and left! God sent us an angel just to prove even more that will be always enough! He inspires us to surrender more and more for Him.

In the end all the kids left home with more than one gift, they left with a lot of love. They were all served with Jesus spices: joy, hugs, kisses and love, so much love. It was definitely a perfect day.

Thanks for all of you that are praying for us, we are passing through this season of fully depending on Him and trusting. Low and slow, bringing Heaven to Earth.

With all the love, Jardim Gramacho’s base staff.