“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” — Romans 8:18 (NASB)

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Unveiled Faces was started in 2007 to enable individuals to respond to the call to be transformed by the glory of God by serving the underserved, downtrodden, and least of these in circumstances of dire poverty or politics.  We are located in Manila, Philippines and primarily serve communities living the one of the largest garbage dumps in the world.


Currently we have 11 house churches in Tondo and are raising up pastors among women and men. Every week we share the gospel and love of Christ to different communities. We are a group that expresses a passionate and compassionate devotion to know Christ and to serve one another.  We are known in the community by our love, reconciliation, prayer, worship, creative expression, and mercy

We want to be tenacious in relying on the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of believers, to cultivate the capacity in a person and community to worship in song, prayer, and praise; share the story of what Jesus has done; to cultivate the desire for personal righteousness; and to cultivate joy, expression, and creativity as witnesses of transformation in Jesus Christ.  Arrow & Dreamers Youth is committed to enable families to release each youth into the freedom of their identity in Christ.

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Iris Generous Women: Another Son Healed!

God has healed Zander of bronchial and respiratory disease! Just two Sundays ago, he was very ill and he kept coughing. He had deep and painful breathing. His parents could only afford some of his medicines and couldn't bring him to the hospital for confinement. Their faith moved mountains as they conte...

Generous Women: A Son Healed!

God healed Jazzer so quickly! Last week, he had sores in his body, some were big and some were patches on his body and face. The wounds were fresh and he had a fever. During our Thursday bible study, his mom asked for prayer. We all prayed for him. This week his mother brought Jazzer to Bible Study to s...

Generous Women: RoseMarie by Janine

Rosemarie. She is one of the first ladies we shared the gospel with back in May, when we started the Bible group at the field. She received Jesus with such hunger, that she clings to His Word and reads day and night. She lives by the field in a little shack home, made of scrap wood, bamboo, tin, and tarp...



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