First fruits among the Rama Indians

Written by Kara Westermann

I just spent 21 days on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Everyday I have been journaling the healings, miracles, baptisms and all that the Lord has been doing. There are so many pages already and so many I still haven’t even recorded yet. Many seeds are being planted and watered each day and we even have the great joy of seeing the harvest coming in! There are several people who heard the gospel and responded. They repented of their sins and received a heart of flesh. They were baptized in water and arose from the water a new creation in Christ washed clean of all sin. We saw many delivered of demons and filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. We also saw first fruits among the Rama Indians on Rama Cay island off the coast of Bluefields. Praise God! To our Lord be all the glory. Jesus is King!