Children's Home Update

Written by Joel and Tammy DeBortoli

Hi Friends!
We pray that this letter finds you abundantly blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms (Eph1:3). We are overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for all of your selfless, sacrificial gifts that provide for all of our children’s needs! As a direct result of your generosity in giving and praying, our children’s material and spiritual needs are being met! Every single one of them, in and by God’s love, have taken ahold of their destiny and accepted their adoption into His family as true sons and daughters (Eph1:5). For that, mere words cannot begin to describe the thankfulness in our hearts. Our God is truly GOOD!

Many of you have asked how the children are doing in light of the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting. They are doing well physically and spiritually, growing in both stature and in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The amazing Iris Nepal staff at the children’s home, both Nepali and foreign, are continuing to do a great job of caring for all of the children’s needs. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the children are not allowed to attend school but God has provided enough laptop computers for them to be able to attend their classes online. This is especially vital to our children who are in their last year of secondary school so they will be able to finish and graduate. This, of course, has presented new challenges and time commitments to the staff who serve the kids so please continue to pray for them.

The children are still involved in serving God in our Saturday fellowships and weekly home fellowships by leading worship, teaching, praying, and encouraging each other and the other believers who come. One of the biggest joys for us is watching our kids worship God with all of their hearts through music.

Please pray for the following:

• This coming year is an important one for some of our kids as it’s the time for them to apply for their Nepali citizenship. For children with no parents, this can be a very difficult process so please pray for this to be accomplished smoothly.
• As you can imagine, many of our children have had traumatic experiences in their lives. We have started having them receive counseling through a young believer who was formally a missionary with us. Some have truly received substantial healing already. Please pray that all of our kids can be healthy and whole physically, spiritually, and emotionally so they can lead others to wholeness.
• Please pray continually for our house mamas and staff who need God’s grace upon more grace each and every day to be able to serve in the fullness of the Lord.
• Pray individually, specifically for the child that you sponsor for wisdom, revelation, and vision for their lives. Pray that they would grow in both the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Please feel free to respond to us with any questions or concerns and know that you are all encouraged and welcome to visit us in Nepal anytime! If any you receive any prophetic revelation from the Holy Spirit concerning the kids, please communicate that to us. We love you all!

Love, love, love!
Joel and Tammy DeBortoli
Base Founders/Directors
Iris Global Nepal