Mrs Answered Prayer

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

Not long after we arrived in Mahajanga, Madagascar, we met a widow called Mama Valimbavaka - which translates to Mrs Answered Prayer - and her 5 children. At that time Mama Valimbavaka owned nothing apart from the clothes on her back and was living in an animal shelter at the back of someone’s house who had shown her mercy.

Mama Valimbavaka was anemic when we first met and her baby was lifeless because there was no nutrition flowing through her. We immediately welcomed Mama Valimbavaka on to our community program, where we gave her rice and beans every two weeks, as well as discipleship. After two weeks of eating nutritious food, there was an amazing change in the health of Mama Valimbavaka and her baby.

We have had the privilege of demonstrating the love of God in so many beautiful practical ways to this precious family, including buying the first pair of shoes that the Valimbavaka children have ever had, as well covering all the costs for Fanky, Franco, Herman, Mino and Mirana to be able to go to school.

The Lord put on our heart to buy a small piece of land and build a little house for Mama Valimbavaka so she will no longer have to carry the heavy yoke of paying rent each month.

Mama Valimbavaka has really flourished as we have showered the love of God upon her and her family over the last fours year - it has been such an honour to walk alongside her and her family and see so many of many of our prayers as well as Mama Valimbavaka’s prayers being answered throughout this journey.

Mama Valimbavaka has now found employment and has graduated from our program- because she now earns enough to be able to feed her own family.