‘love looks like a new prosthetic limb’

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

This month we had the great privilege of showering 11 year old Brenda and her family in the beautiful love of Jesus.

Brenda has missing limbs on one arm and one leg and was really carrying lots of shame because she is different.

Brenda already had a prosthetic limb, but it was old and much too small which caused great pain for Brenda every step she took.

Brenda’s family were too poor to be able to buy a new limb and so Brenda was just enduring with great pain.

Our hearts overflowed with Gods love when we met Brenda, and we were absolutely delighted to demonstrate the beautiful love of Jesus in a simple but life changing way to this family by covering all the costs for Brenda’s new limb.

You could feel the pleasure of God as Brenda ran through our garden this week here in Mahajanga, Madagascar pain free with her new limb.