a precious princess born in Mahajanga, Madagascar

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

A few weeks ago, there was a knock at our gate and when we opened the gate we were really surprised to find a lady there, whose waters had already broken and she was in labour. This precious lady was desperately poor and couldn’t afford to pay the small fee to have a professional doctor help with the birth of her baby. She had come to our gates desperately crying out for mercy.

So we arranged for this precious Mama to go to the doctor and shortly after a beautiful baby girl called ‘Warren’ was born. After paying all the medical fees, we also gave Warren a beautiful hand knitted blanket and a food parcel for her Mama.

The family were so grateful, they kept putting their hands in the air to praise Jesus.

It was a small child who comes to our village feeding program who told the family to come to us, he said if you go there, they will help you.