164 Children from really poor families in Mahajanga, Madagascar go to school

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

Our hearts are filled with great joy here in Mahajanga, Madagascar.

The new school year has just started here in Madagascar and we have demonstrated the beautiful love of Jesus to so many families in our region, by enabling 164 children from the poorest families to be able to go to school.

We made a backpack for each of the children filled with all the pens, books etc that they all need. There was a big presentation day, where our big downstairs room was filled with some very excited children and their families.

The room filled with the praises of Jesus as grandparents, children and parents sang to express their thanks that Jesus who had made a way for their children to be able to go to school.

We prayed over all the children and presented their school bags. The children had really big smiles on their faces and their families who had been stood outside our gates, with tears rolling down their cheeks a few weeks ago, as they were asking for help were now filled with joy because their children are going to be getting a good education.