A new breed of Missionaries

Our community on a global level

We are grateful to God for all that He has done for us, but one of our greatest treasures has undoubtedly been to be able to share the work of ministry with our incredible team of radical and available missionaries/ volunteers whose lives have been surrender to Jesus and they have said yes to go to the darkest places.

They have heard God's voice and are now walking in obedience and as fruit, two of our missionaries traveled to Brazil a few months ago. Nádia was at the Iris Mission School in Fortaleza, Brazil, for 3 months and Joana made an exploratory trip to two of our Missionary bases. They witnessed God’s love and their hearts are burning for more.

Our community at the local level

Our work in Zambujal Community continues and we are back with activities for the children. We are also continuing with the projects of the neighborhood and every week we have different stories and testimonies. We are having people being born again and others asking about the word of God more. The children are enjoying the times we have with them and their parents are expressing how much this type of things were needed there. We have felt so honored to see the involvement of the church in Lisbon in supporting the work in zambujal. So far we have had 3 churches joining us to help with specific activities. God has manifested himself through his church sharing love and compassion.