God's great love & provision

Written by Yvette Makalane

God continues to astound our team with His great love and provision for His people. From the beginning of South Africa’s lockdown period, the threat of hunger has risen dramatically. However, in such times, we have been able to bear witness to an incredible provision of food for those in need in our community. While being in Level 5 of our lockdown, which meant that we could not move around freely, we were still able to send out food vouchers via text message. We are truly astounded by how this ministry, despite all the challenges, continues to grow and spread.

We feel incredibly pleased to report that the Food Kitchen is growing and flourishing.

Once the regulations for lockdown were eased and we received permits to move around more freely, we were able to resume the Food Kitchen. An average of 200 people receive meals at the Food Kitchen. The word spread quickly, and the numbers of people receiving food are increasing. Many people have lost their jobs or are still unable to work. There are six of us who work together to make all of this happen. We are able to minister to some, imbuing hope and sharing the gospel. Further, we have started praise and worship sessions with the children before serving lunch. For breakfast most of the children receive a packet of porridge called ePap, which is filled with nutrients and vitamins. Parents are able to make the porridge for their children at home, thus, children do not have to line up for their meal. Through it all, we see God’s incredible provision; we stand, utterly amazed at how the Father has miraculously provided - a new gas stove for large pots, a larger refrigerator, and an abundance of food. Indeed, we have never been short of food!

We are still able to support widows, orphans, children abandoned by parents to grandparents, and the elderly with basic needs. These include food hampers, transport fares to the hospital, and clothing necessities. Currently, we are looking for creative ideas to continue loving on our friends and share the Gospel in the community of Hlalani, while maintaining all of the national Covid19 regulations. As mentioned, we have just started praise, worship, and prayer with the children waiting before their meal; we love this perhaps just as much as the children do!

Our primary goal is to share the gospel and the love of Jesus; in the past few weeks we have seen people open up for prayer, some of whom even professed to receive Jesus into their lives. In this we stand: Jesus has called us to love those in front of us. He has called us to care for both the bodily needs and for the souls of those who are suffering most. We are called to see and feed those who are hungry; both spiritually and physically.

Please, pray for us. Pray that more doors open and that supernaturally creative ideas for loving the community of Hlalani and Knysna are birthed in this time.