Written by Alexis & Kaysha

A great example of what we have been able to do through NDAHEI farm this year took place on Easter Sunday!

On Easter weekend we celebrated Jesus love and redemption with giving away more than 70 laying hens to our children at Kigali Children Center! It was so much fun to see their faces as they took hold of their new responsibility for a sustainable future.

Alexis shared the Gospel message with the children as well as a 'fatherly talk' about caring for their hens, and reminded them that it was not to cook and have a meal for one day, but to take care and wait for their hen to lay eggs that will provide daily meals for a long time!

By God's grace, He is giving us wisdom in different situations to provide opportunities for discipleship that will last long into the future, rather than solving a need temporarily and in our own strength.

Look to the Lord and His strength; seek his face always. - Psalm 105:4