His faithfulness in tough times

Written by Antonio and Sandra

Dear friends,

We send our love and greetings to you. We pray His Faithfulness
keeps each of us safe in these tough times.

We are doing well with all God's family in our community.

We are humbled by your continued Prayers and support that keep us
reaching others for the Kingdom. it is an honor for us. God bless you.

We had a hard time with our son David going through surgeries, we are
deeply thankful for the Lord's provision, David is doing well and he
is even able to go to School.

Last December the Lord made a way for us to visit the Iris Base in
Zimpet and spent Christmas with our relatives in Mozambique after so
many years in Kenya. We are thankful.

Lastly, we request each one to keep Praying for Mozambique
specifically 'Cabo Delgado', where many of our people are dying
because of the terrorism in that area, we request for you to pray that
the Lord will restore peace to the people and the nation.

Much love in Him
Antonio / Sandra