A baby born in our prayer meeting!

Written by Sandra / Antonio
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Dear friends,

Greetings in Him. We pray that the love and peace of Jesus fill your hearts.

Friends, this week was amazing as we received a blessing at our Iris
Church. On Friday (31/01/2020) women met at the Church for Prayer,
later a lady came in requesting to pray for her, and we did, while we
were praying I opened my eyes and saw she was sitting on the Church
floor to give birth, quickly we took her at the door behind the
Church, in a few seconds she gave birth to a boy. I have never had this
experience we didn't know what to do at the beginning, thank God to
some older women who were there to take care of the situation. We are
all overwhelmed by this blessing at our Iris Church and it is named
after Pastor Salito's name (Antonio).

With love
Sandra / Antonio