“Praise the Lord, Praise God our Saviour. For each day He carries us in His arms. Our God is a God who saves! The Sovereign Lord rescues us from death.” — Psalm 68:19-20 (NLT)

Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

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The objective of Iris-Footprints is not to bring children into a children’s home, but to bring them into a family. Although a small base, intimacy and relationship is a daily lifestyle. Valuable and lasting friendships are formed which result in many people returning every year for “home visits”. An internship program is an exciting addition to a discipleship focused lifestyle, which is no respecter of age, culture nor gender.

About Footprints

IRIS-Footprints was founded in 1995, shares the IRIS Global core values and is driven by the love of God, His purpose and commission. Our Mission Statement is: P.L.A.Y which is an acronym for: “Participating in the Lives of Africa’s Youth.”

This is a home that provides children, as well as selected adults of various ages and culture with a place of safety and provision. A place of joy, where each person knows they belongs to a larger spiritual and relational family. A place that allows individuals to experience childhood as well as the love, care, trust and mercy of God. Life at Footprints, is based on expecting miracles daily and experiencing opportunity to see how God’s love restores and heals the poor, lonely and brokenhearted. Footprints is a lighthouse of hope for hundreds of homeless children and families living in the surrounding poverty stricken slum communities. Only an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, a bustling city filled with crime, unemployment, sex trafficking and drugs, third world conditions are right on our doorstep as thousands of neighboring Immigrates flock to this city and a jobless existence. We speak to nations, by pouring the love of Jesus on them in many different ways, and encouraging them to take that love back home to their countries.

He knows My Name

Our Footprints children’s first reaction to illness is to pray, there has been several times when either one has fallen and hurt themselves or they have not been feeling well and one of the children has come to get me saying “we must pray for him or her”. They know who their Father is and they know who t...

Out of the mouths of little people.....

During our Sunday Footprints family gathering, two of our children , Angela and Duncan were lying on the floor with tears silently streaming down their cheeks. One of our ladies asked quietly, "Are you ok? Are those happy tears or sad tears?" Duncan replied " Happy tears, I feel the presence of God."...

New Birth and Redemption

Christmas is such a special time, we get to focus on Jesus and again the realisation of Him choosing to humble himself in the form of a new baby to enter this world.... At footprints thE Christmas season is filled with fun, laughter, joy and family. This Christmas Jesus spoke to me about redemption....



From nothing to everything


Ladies meetings


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