Helping who is in front of us

Written by Tawnya Weaver

As most of the world is in isolation whether self or government-mandated as the hand as feet of Christ we search for ways to stay connected to our places of worship, friends, families, and find ways to help our communities. This month Mozambique went into "phase 3". The President declared a State of Emergency, the first-ever for the country, despite years of war, famines, natural disasters, and terrorism. While moment is limited to only that of "essential" movement and work is allowed it is quite a difficulty the country faces since most of the population lives day to day selling items in local markets, taxi-ing around and selling items on the streets or in yards such as used shoes, clothes, beauty products and household items. If is possible to stay out of the streets if people want to survive here, as they depend solely on their daily income to buy food that evening.

Churches are not allowed to gather, public events are prohibited and on and on just as in most countries around the globe.

We here at Iris Dondo continue to look for ways to bless and help our neighbors. Since our main focus here is discipleship and evangelism including prison ministries, and widows ministries and it is forbidden to gather in groups for church or visit those in prison, we are having difficulty doing what we find as a norm.

I was thinking of practical ways to help, and the Lord placed on my heart our local hospital. Though visits are not allowed at this time I couldn't help but think about last year when the cyclone passed through and how ill-equipped the hospital was for the issues that followed after Idai such as spikes in malaria and worst cholera which is a contagious disease.

I phoned a friend and Iris son Chico who works for the health department and in the local hospital and asked him about the situation at the hospital, I wanted to know if they had enough masks.

He informed me that even without a "pandemic" the hospital has hardly any due to various reasons. He said they were waiting for help from foreign donors and didn't know or when that would come.

With the help of a local Ministry, Equip Mozambique, we were able to provide 300. face masks to the employees of our local hospital.

Also this week I was able to sit down with a gentleman names Luis, he and another man Domingos run a project that helps the blind. Both of them being completely blind themselves, have created a space for others like them to meet and sit and make grass (wicker) doormats to sell on the streets. He cam asking for a donation for food, because while they work they provide the members with a lunch.

We are going to next week donate 140 masks, food, and solar bibles to the project. We are hopeful that as the member sit they can listen to the word of God and learn and grow in Him.

Though what we are currently doing is not all that unusual it is a bit of a slower pace than normal.

We are blessed to continue giving reassurance during this time to our neighbors, and continually seeking for opportunities to stop for the one in front of us.