A forever Hope

Written by Kellie

Once we rescue an infant we have many processes to follow. Our team work hard to trace families for our rescued infants. To find a suitable family member if possible to reintegrate the baby with their extended family. This amazing testimony is about how God can use the love of family to find another rescued one new hope and a new family. A few months ago we reintegrated One of our rescues with extended family members. This was such a beautiful and amazing moment for all of us to celebrate. On a social work visit with the family we were approached by a couple. This couple have been struggling to conceive for many years and desperately wanted to be parents. They heard about the work that we were doing and saw the beauty in the process of this family receiving a child. They decided they wanted to adopt and help Cambodian babies too. After many checks and following the government protocol this family was selected as a suitable home for our latest rescued one. Now this precious gift has a new forever family, a new hope and is loved the way God intended them to be loved.

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