“...‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” — Mark 12:31 (NKJV)

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Our mission starts by stopping for the one in front of us. We aim to set up safe houses to rescue and restore children by giving them life and love. In order to see this injustice come to an end, we must also challenge the mindsets that are deeply rooted in the culture of Cambodia, and fight against the causes of human trafficking. We will do this by working with other NGOs, members of the local community, and the government.

About Cambodia

We are currently establishing our first 2 bases in and our first team of full time team of staff is getting ready to move from all over the world (UK, USA, Canada, and Australia) to Cambodia!

Our first base, and head office is in Phnom Penh , the country’s capital. With a population of over 2 million people, this city is a hotspot for trafficking, and sex tourism. We are joining forces with various other NGOs working to rescue the vast numbers of child sex slaves who are in Phnom Penh. We also have a base in Sihanoukville , situated a few hours south west of Phnom Penh. Each year, thousands of tourists pass through Sihanoukville, attracted by its sunshine, beaches, bars, and restaurants. However, sex tourism is a huge industry here also. We are setting up a boys’ day centre here so that we can identify those most in need of our help and start the process of rescue.

Baby Peter

This time last year in our railway community, "baby Peter" had not long been born. We were concerned about his safety due to family history, parents relationship and drug use. Thankfully we were able to secure a place at Teen Challenge where Mum and baby Peter have been for the past year. Mum made such g...

Rachel & Rebecca

This past week our Phnom Penh team had a breakthrough which was no short of a miracle. Three of our staff went to visit a family we have known and have been working with for several years now. They live on the street with their two small girls, who we will call Rachel and Rebecca, in an area where dru...

Khmer New Year

This month was Khmer New Year. This is Cambodia's biggest holiday of the year, and you can feel the excitement in the air weeks before. Talk of a party was circulating through the tin homes of our beloved railway community, and just as Christmas time at home, the kids were far from being able to sit calm...



Outreach to Ratanakiri


Harvest time in the rice fields


Outpouring of the spirit