It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.—Galations 5:1 (NIV)

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Our mission starts by stopping for the one in front of us. We aim to set up safe houses to rescue and restore children by giving them life and love. In order to see this injustice come to an end, we must also challenge the mindsets that are deeply rooted in the culture of Cambodia, and fight against the causes of human trafficking. We will do this by working with other NGOs, members of the local community, and the government.

About Cambodia

We have multiple projects running that help to bring hope and life to those around us that are stuck in darkness.
The vision of Iris Cambodia is to see an end to child sex slavery and human trafficking, and to participate not only the rescue, but also full restoration of those who are currently enslaved. Iris Cambodia has been a part of Iris Global since 2007 and facilitates the rescue and restoration of young children who are being abused, exploited, and/or trafficked. We will also work with at-risk individuals and families to prevent them from such exploitation and abuse.


Strong Roots:
We created a vocational training center as a safe place for boys, ages 15-20, to come out of our Dream Center community and into safety. We want to see them trained in job skills, have their hearts restored, and launched into wherever their future leads them. The training center is located outside of the city. Removing them from their pressured and unstable environment also allows them to more easily experience the structure, accountability, and safety necessary for growth and transformation. The program is holistic - body, mind, soul and spirit. We want not only to see them trained, but also build who they are as people by providing English language training, Khmer literacy, and computer classes. They live dorm-style and are connected with an internship through partnerships with local businesses. The boys also receive weekly discipleship, and attend a local Khmer church. Our hope is to create an environment where they grow in character, their hearts are restored, and they walk in identity as sons of God. Stop for the One Link

Province Outreach:
We have a two-part response to the heart cry of Cambodia. One, they desperately need Jesus. Two, they need to see their people set free, educated, and empowered against trafficking. We travel to many provinces to share our prevention education program and the Gospel. We also encourage local pastors and assist churches to help provide for the needs of these communities. We provide Bibles, audio Bibles, food, school supplies, and general healthcare to those desperately in need. We believe He can and will make a way for us to reach every province in Cambodia to see people saved and set free from trafficking and sexual abuse. 

Bar Outreach:
We work in several locations to locate and investigate cases involving minors who may be working in prostitution. We enter these establishments with an agenda to love and build life-giving relationships with vulnerable women. We are a bridge for rescued survivors of sex trafficking, giving them an opportunity for a new life. We aim to see women, men, and children rescued from brothels and given a new freedom by providing them with education and jobs partnerships with organizations, colleges, and local businesses. By partnering with us you are helping to provide a new life away from the terrors of trafficking and sexual abuse. This is by no means a quick process. Freedom is a walk we commit to walk with each survivor for as long as they need us. 

Family Support:
We have three locations (The Dream Centre, The Set Free Project, and Riverside Outreach) where we work with children and families in at-risk communities. Secure, stable, and restored families are at the core of effective prevention and provide the foundation for children to thrive. We invest a lot of time and energy in long-term relationships with our at-risk families who face far more difficult life situations than we can often imagine. We spend time listening to their stories, building trust, and developing tailored solutions to best meet their needs. This often involves practical solutions such as support for housing, food, medicine, and rehabilitation, all of which require ongoing financial support. By keeping families stable in times of desperate need, we can relieve financial pressures which may lead to incidences of human trafficking. 

A forever Hope

Once we rescue an infant we have many processes to follow. Our team work hard to trace families for our rescued infants. To find a suitable family member if possible to reintegrate the baby with their extended family. This amazing testimony is about how God can use the love of family to find another resc...

9 Rescued ones

We have been so busy recently. We have been working some heavy cases and seeing much breakthrough. Earlier this year our team worked one of the most exhausting and difficult cases of our time here. One of the young girls of a family that we have been working with for many years opened up to us...

Prayer works

This year we started it with a bang! We have been building a case for over a year. Finally we found help! A group who are interested in taking on the challenge. We have many minors that need rescue. We needed a huge financial blessing to undertake the vastness of this case and mission. God came through...



Outreach to Ratanakiri


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Outpouring of the spirit