Total Quarantine

Written by Jon and Carly Brown

We live near the big prison on the edge of Santa Cruz Bolivia where we focus our discipleship efforts towards prisoners and their families. It’s a poor country where about half of the people try to sell or do something on a daily basis to have enough to live on.
We are on total quarantine because we simply don’t have the medical system to withstand more than a few thousand infected. So, we walked (only allowed mode of transport) to the prison to try and send some groceries in to friends who are going to get real uncomfortable over the next few weeks without any outside support. But they won’t permit anything to go in for two weeks. So, Carly was there having walked with groceries in her hands to feed about 10 people and she prayed for direction because frankly she didn’t want to carry it back to the house. Well, she saw some kids from a family we know who lost their dad to overdose last year and they all work to help support the family. She felt led to give this big family the food. They were so happy because they had no way to make money because no one will come to the prison to pay them. Then Carly asked if the three girls had bibles and they said they didn’t, so of course Carly had three bibles to give them. They sat right down and started reading.
On her way back to the house a neighbor grabbed Carly and told her that she knew of a family that just barely has food when things are normal and they ran out of food two days ago. So, we grabbed food from the extra that we bought to help and our neighbor is encouraging her to seek God in this moment, Jesus is providing for her, now is the time.
Our family lives here on purpose. Our one person who was aloud to leave the house to get food was able to stop for two families and sow seeds of the Gospel through love, prayer, bibles, and discipleship.

Go Team Jesus! Love Wins!