Land Promised

Written by Carly Brown

When my husband and I were first called by God to Bolivia we had just spent our first year in our Dream Home. We had it designed and built for us. It was "perfect." It was everything we thought we wanted and "needed" and we were ready to spend our lives there.... but God had another...better plan. We had fallen into the typical traps of suburban life: we worked, made money and planned our next vacations. We always gave to missions but we did not know God's love, not really. We served in our local church and always wanted to do what we could to please God but we didn't really know him. After 10 years of marriage 3 kids and numerous homes we weren't really happy or fulfilled. Nothing seemed to fill our hearts and bring us lasting happiness, not even our dream home. Then God radically stepped in, turned our lives upside down with Holy Spirit and set us on our course for Bolivia....(That is a VERY short version of a long beautiful story for another time). Three years ago when we arrived here we always knew that eventually we would have our own center for ministry here in Bolivia, we just didn't know where or when. It took time for God to show us what He had in store for us and what His plan was for Iris Gran Familia Bolivia. This past summer while we were in the states it was God's timing and we were able to sell that dream house and this last week we were able to buy the property that God has for us here in Bolivia. Its funny, it's maybe not the best time in man's eyes to buy property in the middle of a Global pandemic and an election year, but God opened the door for us to own a piece of Bolivia to claim for Him. We had dreamed of enjoying our big house built for just our family for years to come, but now we not only get to house ourselves and our ministry team, but we are able to build a center to train and provide jobs as well as host worship gatherings and encounters with God all by laying down our home to Jesus, who is turning it into so much more. We all have "land" that God wants to give to us, for some of us it might look simple and for others more grand. The thing is you have to be willing to give over to God what you hold so dear so that he can turn it into something wonderful. Is it safe? No it's not safe....but it's better than you could possibly imagine.