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In 2003, Surprise Sithole planted a church in an impoverished township (Backdoor) outside of White River/Mombela, South Africa. From that one church, the transforming power of God has forever impacted the community and launched a ministry center committed to advancing the Kingdom of God. Today, the base consists of ever expanding ministries that include the Pastors Commission (church planting and church discipleship, intercession, and evangelism), Harvest Bible College, Village of Hope (community outreach center with various ministries), Dignity Project ( and Michaels Childrens Village (MCV). For more information about our base visit!

Prayer Requests

We are super excited about God’s provision to begin building in several areas!!! Please pray with us for a qualified building project manager to join our MCV team! If you are interested in knowing more about this prayerful opportunity- please email us at

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