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White River Base

Three Miracle Healings of HIV!

29 May 2014–Last week I received the most amazing gift on my birthday. I was told that the newest princess to join us at Michael’s Children’s Village (MCV) (lets call her “Princess P”) tested HIV NEGATIVE!!! Gloriously, this is the third time God has wondrously healed HIV at MCV. So today I wanted to take a little walk back in time and reflect on each precious miracle. We begin with “Baby J”. The day he was born at a local gove…

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29 October 2017

Bring on the gladness

Written by Regina Jones, Savannah Base

Joy and gladness are powerful forces. Joy is a literal strength, and with gladness we can live from a posture of gratitude. Gratitude will always lead to miracles! As. we prepare to head to Brazil tomorrow and then onto Mozambique, we are full of joy, faith, and vision!  We serve with joy as we  minister to …

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27 October 2017

Believers in Butwal

Written by Britt Pennell, Nepal Base

While hosting a World Race Gap Year team, some of the Iris Global Nepal members accepted an offer to visit a church in Butwal. This team consisted of Madhu (our Nepali outreach coordinator), three international long-termers, five of the Gap Year students, and two of our Iris Nepal Children’s Home kids. We ha…

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18 October 2017

Let it be love

Written by Regina Jones, Savannah Base

We’ve been on 4 continents as of late. Running hard after Jesus and loving on all whom He’s placed in our paths. We have been on several bases in the past couple of months releasing fresh oil over the leaders and encouraging them in the marvelous wonders of Jesus. Jesus is ever present and near to …

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16 October 2017

Sia’s testimony

Written by Jill, Conakry: Village of Hope Base

Iris Global After Hours program features our base leader, Sia Tongu’s testimony. It is a powerful story of how God called her into ministry, and what she is currently doing at the Iris Global base in Conakry, Guinea. This is the link to the testimony…

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6 October 2017

God Makes it Grow

Written by Joel and Tammy DeBortoli, Nepal Base

Hello Iris Global Nepal Family: We are so filled with joy in this season of growth and fruitfulness! Growth is painful and stretching sometimes but always glorious! We are experiencing growth in almost every area of ministry that God has called us to. We are now up to 17 foreign missionaries and over 25 Nepali co-…

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4 October 2017

Family Update September 2017

Written by Lauren Hassell, Abilene Base

Family Update September 2017 Overview Iris Relief deployed volunteers following the August 25th touchdown of Hurricane Harvey. We deployed to Corpus Christi, Texas and was able to partner with Rock City Church and Pastor David Bendett. Pastor Bendett has businesses and church members in the affected communiti…

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30 September 2017

Worship In Their Spirit Awakens The Subconscious In Our Sick Children

Written by Carolyn Figlioli, South Sudan Base

Today is the first time in two weeks that I was able to sit down before 6:00 p.m. and do nothing. Almost two weeks ago one of our teenagers had been in so much pain in her shoulder that we had visited three different hospitals in Kampala in as many days, supposedly the best, yet no results, just more antibiotics a…

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29 September 2017

Harvest School Student’s Testimony-Part 2

Written by Lover of Jesus, Conakry: Village of Hope Base

On Thursday we visited a lady who had pain all over her body and had suffered from blood loss for years. Every month she needed care and a blood transfusion. She spent all her money on medicine to help her cope. We prayed for her and she took off her clothes because she became so hot that sweat started running dow…

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