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29 October 2017

Bring on the gladness

Written by Regina Jones, Savannah Base

Joy and gladness are powerful forces. Joy is a literal strength, and with gladness we can live from a posture of gratitude. Gratitude will always lead to miracles! As. we prepare to head to Brazil tomorrow and then onto Mozambique, we are full of joy, faith, and vision!  We serve with joy as we  minister to the Lord, even as we work diligently in managing a plethora of responsibilities in administration, scheduling, travel,  equipment, and communication. It’s for the joy set before us. It’s all worth it when you see spirits born again, restoration, the hungry fed, the blind see, the deaf hear!

Next week we will land in Brazil- we will be in 8 or so cities ministering in spirit, soul, and body 100%! Then off to Mozambique to teach, preach, and minister to the beautifully precious ones.  We will be joining the students that are gathered at Harvest School 27 for training. One of the outreaches we will take part in is to Madagascar. It’s a heavy schedule! Long days and nights and hours upon hours in airplanes, planes, trains, and automobiles. Jesus is worthy!


Also, preparing for upcoming ministry in Bali, Semarang, Jakarta, Singapore, Europe, South Africa and more. We will keep you updated!

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14KJV

In stopping for the one, you must appreciate that EVERY ONE has a story. We love people’s stories and we are blown away at the stories that we become entangled in as Jesus leads us. We are extremely honored and fortunate to live out passion and compassion as we behold Jesus. So, …


•    Jason Lee Jones and his wife Regina are completely ruined for Jesus. The more they encounter the kindness of Jesus, the more they long to be his voice of passion and compassion in the earth. They are internationally recognized speakers, preachers, teachers, authors, poets, songwriters, and accomplished musicians and missionaries. 

•    In light of their global service in a myriad of capacities, they have a vivid perspective of the church and missions at large. Such faculties include the likes of senior and associate pastors, creative arts and worship pastors, missions’ directors, and mentors. At their core, they are true philanthropic missionaries with benevolent hearts, who are working on the front lines and also alongside those worldwide organizations to physically feed, clothe, and educate the impoverished, and rescue those in conflict areas. Wholeheartedly, they focus on influencing influencers via facilitating leadership development, bible schools, missions training, consultations, and are especially gifted with a distinct propensity in drawing out the gifts of artisans through art intensives with an emphasis on building world changers through a modern day renaissance. Together, they are integral voices stewarding and sustaining global movements.

Heaps of love,

Jason and Regina


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