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In 2007, Kellie Holbeche had a dream which awakened her to the horrors of human trafficking and the great need for something to be done about it, in South East Asia. Since then, Kellie and her husband have made numerous trips to Asia, scouting out the land and preparing to establish centres of rescue and restoration.

Cambodia is a sending, receiving and transit country for trafficking. Cambodians are most commonly trafficked for the purpose of commercial sex, begging, domestic work, fishing, construction and adoption. Trafficking in Cambodia is a problem intimately linked to the sex industry. Victims often believe they are being recruited for purposes such as domestic work, or work in a restaurant. Most victims are deceived or, in a smaller number of cases, kidnapped, and forced into sexual slavery.

Iris officially began in Cambodia in 2012 and has joined forces with ‘The Mission Worldwide’ to see an end to human trafficking in this generation.

At the moment, our focus is the rescue and restoration of young boys who have been trafficked and abused. This is a huge problem in Cambodia and few organisations are working in this area. We are in the process of getting our first centre, so it is a very exciting time for Iris Cambodia as we start to see the reality of hopes and dreams, and take a huge step closer to rescuing those in greatest need.

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